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Aloha Daniel,

I am so thankful to meet you and to be your Student. I spent hours (was rusty) with you learning how to drive safe to keep everybody safe and be safe. Your flexibility is AMAZING on when you can be free to give a class and when we can have a road test schedule or walking when available. Your patience is AMAZING!! You change people life like mine.
Mahalo Daniel!

Ohana forever!
Hello Daniel,

I finally got my driver license! :) Thanks the best driving instructor ever!

Mr. Daniel Kaimi,

Thank you...for your special way of caring and bringing out the best in all you students.

Nita S
Dear Daniel,

Thank you for taking the time to teach me how to drive. I appreciate the fact that you have helped me accomplished one of my goals, and that was to obtain a valid Hawaii drivers license. I was particularly impressed with your strong commitment to help me obtain my license.

Your patience and encouragement helped me a lot. I have been getting compliments on my driving. People think that I have been driving for over a year! Thank you very much for all the help and support you have given me over the last several weeks.

I hope you will let me know if I can be of any assistance to you in the future.

Best Regards,
Rebecca F
To whom it may concern,

Re: A One Driving School and owner/instructor,

Daniel Kaimi

My name is Mayumi S., Japanese. I am a student in Hollywood Beauty College and I do not speak English fluently yet. I have a Japanese driver's license: however, I haven't driven for 9 years. I started to get driving lessons with Daniel Kaimi 3 weeks ago.

I think Mr. Daniel Kaimi is an excellent driving instructor. He has a wonderful personality, expert knowledge and instructing capability. I have come to remember my previous sense of driving. He would correct my driving and advise proper procedure clearly in addition to explaining the possibility of causing an accident.

His teaching target is safety driving. He would never become frustrated in correcting the same mistake over and over. I was very happy that he would be with me on the same situation until I succeeded. I learned detailed standards for the way to drive and an importance for traffic regulations.

A relationship of mutual trust is the most important thing to improve a driving skill. His character allowed me the ability to rely on him. His warm personality made me relaxing and my practice time enjoyable. He was very polite and kind during lessons. '

When I could not understand his explanation, he would repeat it until I understood it. Whenever I would ask a question, he answers it properly. He was also very punctual and always on time.

I am very glad I had the opportunity to experience Daniel's driving techniques and I assure I will benefit from everything I learned.

Thank you again,
Mayumi S
Dear prospective student:

This letter is to acknowledge that I was impressed, as well as pleased with the driving instruction that I received from Daniel Kaimi. I firmly believe that the cost is well worth the result, and I highly recommend him. Based on my personal experience, Mr.Kaimi is patient, committed, and over all very skilled in his ability to teach a person how to drive a vehicle.

With his warm personality, and patient nature, he made me feel comfortable behind the wheel, while at the same time focusing on road safety, traffic regulations, and proper driving procedures. He had no problem in correcting mistakes, or explaining how such unintentional slips could lead to an accident. I really enjoyed the time I spent learning how to drive, and I am glad that I had the opportunity to learn such a valuable skill with an instructor who is as committed to his job as Mr.Kaimi. He really did "make it fun to learn how to drive safely."

Maria T. S.
Re: A One Driving instructor Dan Kaimi

To Whom it May Concern:

Over the last few months, I had the privilege of taking driving instruction under Dan Kaimi of A One Driving School. Dan was always prompt to pick me up, the vehicle he used was comfortable to drive in and well maintained, demostrating his pride in what he did.

Dan also had a great personality and was very easy to get along with. His driving instruction was clear, detailed and filled with good pointers; his presence was calming, and words, encouraging.

After only a few sessions, I passed my road test at my first try and am thrilled with my new found confidence and freedom on the road!

I highly recommend Dan to anyone who is considering taking quality driving instuction and believe thtat he will most certainly also excel at any other task or profession that he undertakes.

Lynnette L. S
To whom it may concern:

Daniel Kaimi is a skilled and professional driving instructor. He is very friendly and patient, and knows what he is doing. He helped me develop the skills and confidence I needed to pass my driver’s licensing test. If you are looking for a driving instructor, I highly recommend you see Daniel Kaimi.

To whom it may concern:

My name is L. Tomo M. and I am a student of Daniel Kaimi. He taught me how to drive a car as he showed me the routes I might get on. Daniel Kaimi gives good, clear, and accurate instruction that get you the drivers liscense in no time. From parking to pivot points. Real experiences about driving and more.

To anyone interested in learning how to drive:

Daniel Kaimi of A One Driving School, has proven to me that he could teach me how to drive.

I am someone who was discouraged about driving when I had taken Driver's Ed in high school. I felt the high school course didn't even teach me the basic fundamentals. Such as mirror placement, length of time to stop at a stop sign/line, just the basic things. Perhaps it was just me and that instructor. I felt too discouraged to continue to learn how to drive.

However, it took me a little over thirteen years to build up my courage to learn how to drive once again. While scanning the yellow pages and the internet I came across A One Driving School and decided to give them a call.

I believe it was the right decision for me. Daniel taught me what I need to know and what I needed to do to pass the Road Test. My confidence behind the wheel had risen each time I practiced with Daniel.

With Daniel's patience and persistence I was able pass the road test on my first try.

If you are searching for someone to teach you how to drive who has the patience, skill, understanding, and the tricks of the trade, I highly recommend you call A One Driving School and give Daniel Kaimi a call.

A newly licensed driver
Dear Mr. Kaimi,

I am writing to thank you for the quality instruction I recieved at your school. I passed the test on the first try, without any points taken off.

I tried a different instructor breifly before meeting you, and I was so impressed at your abillity to teach me the rules of the road quickly and in a relaxed manner that I never considered using another instructor after meeting you. I have been without a drivers license for a long time, but now that I finally have one it makes all the difference. You also encouraged me to get it done as quickly as possible and showed me the best way to go about doing this.

I would recommend you to anyone who needs to practice their driving, especially before taking the driving test.

Thanks again for your patience and good manners!
Orion P. B.
To Mr. Daniel Kaimi,

I would like to take this time to say thank you for your cheerful attitude and extreme patience during my driving lessons. I would personally recommend you as a driving instructor to anyone, and especially to someone like myself who was having a hard time passing the driving test.

My husband was my first teacher and he did his best but still did not do so well. I had taken the test twice before attending your driving instruction course and was beginning to be discouraged and thinking that I would never get my license. But I'm happy to say after 8 lessons with you, when I took my road test I received a perfect score and the test proctor commented that I had made great improvement since my last test.

Thank You Again, and May God Bless You....
Sincerely grateful,
Teresita B.
To whom it may concern,

I'm very glad I took driving lessons from Daniel. He was a patient, skillful and friendly teacher. If I had relied on family only to teach me, I wouldn't have learned all the rules for passing the test. Doing all the lessons in the area of the test greatly helped me also. I'm positive I passed the test on the first try because of the lessons I took from Daniel.

Hi Daniel

Thank you so much for your assistance in helping me achieve one of my goals today! I'm so glad that today I finally got my driver's license! I was starting to think that most people 24 years old, like me, already have a license, so I started to put more pressure on myself to try to get that license. Before I go on to thank you more, please let me explain about my bad past experiences with driving and instructors before I found you.

When I was attending Waiakea High School located in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii, I decided to finally take Driver's Education in my Senior year of high school. I think there were only a few seniors in my Driver's Ed class. I felt a bit shame about that, and especially the fact that I was almost graduating and didn't have my license yet.

Anyway, I attended all of my classroom lessons. They were helpful in showing videos about drunk driving, helping me to know all of the answers for the written test to get my permit, etc. We had to obtain our permit before we could go on to the driving lesson. Luckily, I easily got my permit. Then came the day of our driving lessons. I had two other girls with me in my car, so it was no private lesson, and that sucked because then the instructor can't concentrate on you! I had one girl in my group who was a worse driver than me and, the other girl was better than me.

I think we went driving for about 3 hours, with one girl having one hour each, while the others observe from the back seat. Driver's Ed in high school can be embarrassing because the others in your group can see how a horrible driver you are! You just can't beat private instruction!

My instructor (Warren Miyasaki) of Driver's Ed was very horrible! There was this one lesson when we went out onto the highway and because I wasn't entering fast enough, he stepped hard on my foot!! Luckily, I was wearing shoes, but he could have hurt me. He truly had no right to do what he did! I felt that Driver's Ed in high school wasn't the best deal, even though it only cost a grand total of $10 and we got that $10 returned to us at the end of the course by receiving gas coupons. Still, I felt that 6 hours behind the wheel wasn't enough, even if I watched other students drive for 12 hours.

I hardly got any practice after Driver's Ed was done because my family was so hesitant for me to drive their car. This was so because they said I wasn't covered under their insurance. So I lost mostly all of the skills I learned in Driver's Ed.

Then I had a boyfriend from Japan who came to visit me in Hawaii. He rented a car and since in Japan they drive on the opposite side of the road than we do in Hawaii, he was trying to drive on the left side of the road! Since that irritated me and it was very dangerous, I told him I would drive, even though I had no permit since I had let my permit expire due to the fact that I figured my family would never give me a chance to drive again!

So I was driving that rent a car which was new to me since I never drove that type of a car before. I ended up getting into an accident and when the cops asked for my license or permit, I said I had none, so they sent me to court. At court, I only had to pay a fee and was let go. When I told my mother I was in an accident, she cried. Therefore, I gave up driving for about 3 years while I was in college.

Then I moved to Honolulu after I received my college diploma. I was so hesitant to drive in the big and busy city Honolulu is compared to the small, laid-back and quiet town of Hilo. When I finally got the nerves to drive again, it was with my future husband. I tried driving his car, and I didn't do well. My future husband also didn't have the patience to teach me, so his father suggested I take private instruction here since his wife did.

I looked in the phone book and decided to call James Onishi of About Driving. Boy, was that a big mistake! I didn't realize it until later that he was horrible, though, now I'll explain why he is so horrible! When I first started instruction with him, I thought he was all right, but not a really great person. He would talk story with me while I was driving, but I felt he didn't praise me enough. Also, for parallel parking, what he showed me was just "pull over to the side and park." He never thought me the correct way of backing into it instead of just driving straight into it! Since driving is not his full-time job, he was hardly available to teach me.

I think a few weekends went by without instruction since he was away on a trip.

Still yet, I decided to take my first road test ever (No, I never took a road test in Hilo due to my lack of practice there) with his car. While waiting at Kapolei for the examiner to come out, I was worried about my parking. I kept thinking about which way to turn the wheel when reversing and that is because it proves he wasn't a good enough instructor if I had to worry about such a thing!

So what happened is when my examiner told me to leave the parking lot, what I did is instead of backing straight out of my stall, I was turning the wheel right while reversing, so I hit the other car! Due to that accident, I didn't even leave the parking lot and immediately failed my road test.

When my instructor found out about the very small dent in his car and the fact that I easily failed the road test, he was super furious! He would not look me in the eyes or even talk to me! Still yet, for some stupid reason, I decided to give him another try as my instructor.

Now I do regret giving him another shot, though! He did show me only one route of the Kapolei road test, and that didn't help me much. I noticed that after I had that accident and he was my instructor again, he had a totally different attitude towards me! He would be mad if I was late coming downstairs to his car. He never ever told me "thank you" when I paid him, he wouldn't say "bye," etc. There was this one time I was driving and I guess I must have made a big mistake because he yelled at me! I didn't think he was supposed to do that because as everyone told me, I could get that free from my family or husband! Also, James Onishi would end my lesson a few minutes short, even if I had like 10 more minutes left to drive.

When I went to take my second road test with him again, I had a very good examiner but due to the fact that my instructor didn't show me all of Kapolei and only showed me one route, I failed the test. That is because since I'm from Hilo, I don't know all of Oahu well and the roads on Oahu are so different from Hilo.

When I came back from my road test, my instructor was nowhere to be found. He had told me to look for him upstairs if he wasn't downstairs. I probably spent a good 20 minutes looking for him and he was nowhere to be found. I tried to use the pay phone at the Kapolei DMV, but for some reason, it didn't work. So I went to security and asked them to use the phone to call my instructor. They allowed me to use the phone.

While I was trying to call my instructor, he finally walks up to the security desk. I felt so mad because I wasted 20 minutes looking for him, and also he charged me for that and lied to me because I looked everywhere (except the bathrooms) and couldn't find him! I told my husband all this and he said I should have switched instructors the first time!

Due to all that James Onishi did, I decided to get rid of him and stop wasting money on him, as my husband said.

I looked once again in the yellow pages and found Shima's Driving School. Since they seemed like they had a lot of years experience, I called them. I had Michael Shima as my instructor. I think I only had 3 lessons with him. This is because he would never correct my parking and also all he wanted to do was take me to church with him. Even if he was cheaper ($35), he wasn't worth it. Also, he didn't want me to take the road test with him in Kapolei because he said it's too far. He insisted on me taking it in Dillingham and I said "no way!" to myself, so I got rid of him!

(I highly recommend that students stay away from the two horrible instructors I just mentioned.)

Then, I looked yet once again in the yellow pages and searched some web pages some people had listed in the yellow pages. I found some instructors, but they were either too expensive or not willing to pick me up at home and take me to Kapolei because they said that would take away more than half my driving time.

Then finally I came up A One Driving School. I read all the testimonials there and was so happy! I was reading about how they pass the road test on the first try and I felt like even if it would be my third road test, I could pass the road test on the first try with this new instructor, Daniel Kaimi.

He picked me up one Saturday and seemed like he had so much energy and enthusiasm! He would always try to compliment me about my driving whenever possible, and that really made me feel good since I never got that from my other instructors.

I feel you need to be complimented to do well in driving. He would never yell at me, and he would always correct me when I made a mistake. Daniel's car is so easy to drive, we always had a lot to talk about, etc.

He would keep on making me do my parallel parking until I got it right. He showed me all over Kapolei, which helped me so much so I would know the roads in Kapolei well.

On the day of my third road test, I used Daniel's car. He picked me up early so I could have a lot of practice time, which I feel made all the difference! I was a little nervous during my road test, but luckily, I had a nice examiner who kept on talking story with me during the road test. That really made me calm down so much! Therefore, I passed my road test! When I came back to the DMV, Daniel was there waiting for me and I had a big smile on my face, so he knew I passed!

I just appreciate the fact that he was actually waiting there for me, unlike my first instructor who was nowhere to be found! Also, Daniel still had that enthusiasm as he congratulated me. That was one of the happiest days of my life!

I'm so glad I finally got my driver's license! At 24 years old, I was really feeling I needed my license so bad because I had a hard time during the bus strike. My husband had to take me to work every day during the bus strike, so it was a burden for us. I got my license for our future children and so I can actually drive myself and my husband places, take my husband to work, etc.

Without Daniel's professional driving help, I feel I would have never gotten my license. When our future children are old enough to drive, I definitely want them to take driving lessons from Daniel.

Thank you so much, Daniel, for all your assistance with my driving and parking and making me do stuff over and over until I got them right. I feel with time, I will become an even better driver.

I highly recommend Daniel Kaimi to everyone who needs to learn how to drive. Please be careful because there are some bad instructors out there, but Daniel's the best one ever! Thanks again for helping me get my license. I will call on you later on to take our future children's pictures and maybe even buy a car! This guy is very talented!!

With so much appreciation,

Sorry, I had forgotten to include in my letter the fact that James Onishi fell asleep while I was driving.

Dear Daniel,

First of all I'd like to thank you for all you patient and for giving me the confident for being a good driver, because of that today after 4 times of trying to get me license I finally past. It's a good thing that my boyfriend told me to try other driving school. Because when I starded driving with you I've lerned more about driving and it only took two months with my other instructor he thought me for about 8 months and I didn't even learn the things that I've learned when i started driving with you.

Thank you,

April W
If I could say anything about the A-one driving experience it would be that it was fun. Daniel Kaimi is definitely one of the best at what he does and I would trust him to teach anyone how to drive.

Mahalo Daniel and keep up the good work!

Hollie M.
Hello, my name is Erik and i come from Kyrgyzstan, where people drive like crazy.
That was one of the reasons why i had to learn driving in here. With Kaimi i had about 20 hours of driving lessons and that was my major investment, however i do not regret any dollar of it, because i can say now that i can drive.

Kaimi teaches everything that a person needs to drive alone and more. He teaches you how to pass the test and what to expect on the exam.

Another thing that i liked during classes with Kaimi is that he never shouts even at dumbest actions, like passing on the red light so you will not be screamed at if something goes wrong.
To you,

I waited for two years to get my license. In high school, I paid an estimated $500 for the driver's ed course with A+ Clark's Driving School. $500 is a lot. But if you get your license, it's all good, right? Except I didn't get it! Instead of passing, I failed the road test twice!

I wasn't a good driver because my teacher wasn't a good teacher. It's one thing to be able to drive good, but being able to drive good and teach good is what really matters. Both of those attributes are crucial for a driving instructor. Daniel Kaimi has those and more.

He is a patient and kind instructor who does not get upset even if you ding his car (Sorry about that one, Mr. Kaimi!). Not only does he explain each maneuver step by step, but he also considers the student. He considers how the student drives in different surroundings when nervous and when relaxed. Then he determines when he/she is ready to take the road test.

Once ready for the road test, Mr. Kaimi runs through every single test route with the student beforehand and indicates certain areas where points are most likely to be docked. Therefore, the student's success rate is higher. Plus, he hires someone to wait in line at the DMV so that the student does not have to wake up at 2 a.m. to wait in line. This allows the student to be more alert while providing extra time to practice the test routes minutes before taking the actual exam.

After waiting two years for my license, I finally passed after only two weeks of being an A One Driving School student. I was so happy! So happy, in fact, that I am writing this letter to recommend Daniel Kaimi and his driving school to any permit-burdened individual. The man works miracles. If you don't believe, then e-mail me at (alinet (@) hawaii (.) edu) and I will insist the importance of believing in his teaching power.

Much alohas,


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Before I start learning driving from Daniel, I didn't know anything about driving. I found Daniel's website by searching the yellow page. Actually I think I am so lucky that I chose Daniel as my instructor at my first try, because I saw some people talking about their bad experience with other instructors..

Daniel is not only a driving instructor but also a true friend. I really enjoy the time with him. He is a super patient, nice and funny person. I always remember that I told him I love donuts that kind of stuff, so he told me where can get the best donuts. We were talking about food all the time during the class..

Besides, he always helps you out whenever you need his help. I am really happy that I not only got my license but also get to know a super nice person, Daniel.

Thank you so much for your help..
Thank you!!!
Hello Prospective Drivers of Hawaii,

Aloha! My name is Canossa and I was a student of Daniel Kaimi in January 2005, he is a responsible instructor that is serious about his teaching. He is good because he is thorough and would prepared you for the most critical road test examiner. Having said that, he is concern not only about students passing the road test, but more importantly about how they pracitice safe driving on the road.

As for me, of course I passed my road test... with full score! :) Daniel was there the whole time during road test. Coaching me and giving me support. For those who are looking for a good, reliable driving instructor, now you have a choice!

Canossa H.
Hong Kong

Thank you so much for your patience. You are a very good teacher! Rory is happy and proud of himself. Its good to see him have confidence in the car.

Thanks Again & God Bless,
Ann W.
Dear Daniel,

My wife, Lilis, passed the driving test on her second try with your help. She failed the driving test on her first try and I decided that she needed some professional help. Luckily, I called you.

She told me that you were very good. She said you were friendly, patient, and knowledgable. Since my wife just came in from Indonesia in May '04, her English wasn't very good. She said you talked to her in simple terms so that she could understand.

By getting Daniel, he also helped our marriage because we were constantly arguing about her driving.

Thanks again,
Lance and Lilis
Dear Prospective Driver,

I am a recent graduate of A One Driving School and the smartest decision I made was to receive driving instructions from Daniel Kaimi. I was about 17 years old when I first attempted to learn how to drive and due to the inadequate instructions I received, I decided not to continue. Part of it was fear behind the wheel and embarrassment from failing. I renewed my permit for months without actually driving then finally just gave up.

Twenty-eight years later I decided it was time to ?get a grip? and attempt driving again. I looked in the yellow pages and saw A One Driving School and its website and decided to check it out. I read the many testimonials praising Daniel?s patience and knowledge even with the most difficult situations and decided to take a chance by calling him to arrange for lessons. Lessons were soon arranged with a very flexible schedule and I was on my way!

For the first few lessons I told Daniel that he?d never get me out of the parking lot let alone on a street. It seemed to take forever learning to make proper turns and stopping properly, but he was patient and understanding and used repetition and even demonstration to get the point across. He?s very good-natured, has a great personality, and truly made learning fun. The time just flew by during the lessons. He has great knowledge about the rules of the road, is safety conscious, and gives great pointers on correcting mistakes. He cares about his students and will support them all the way through the road test and beyond by giving tips on insurance coverage, car maintenance, etc.

I am very pleased to say that I passed my road test on my first try thanks to Daniel?s excellent instructions and patience and I highly recommend him to any future driver. It doesn?t matter how old you are or if you think there?s no hope of passing the road test because he truly is a ?miracle worker?!

Thanks, Daniel! I couldn?t have done it without your expertise!

With much gratitude,
Dear Daniel,

First of all, I'd like to thank you for agreeing to be my driving instructor. When I first contacted you, you said that your schedule was tight, but you still found time to fit me in. Thanks also for all the laughs. It helped that it you made it fun to drive safely.

Secondly, I'd like to let all people who are thinking of hiring a driving instructor... Daniel Kaimi is the man for the job! He is patient, knowledgeable, kind... did I say patient? Prior to receiving instruction from Daniel I hadn't gotten behind the wheel of a car since high school (my 15-year reunion is coming up). Daniel is a wonderful teacher. He customizes lessons for each of his students.

What I mean by customizing is he doesn't have a set timeline for his students. You learn at your own speed. There might be some things that you pick up faster than others (e.g. mastering intersections vs parallel parking). Once he feels that you're ready for the road test he takes you down to Kapolei and shows you different routes that the examiner might take you on. He also gives you pointers like what would be an "automatic failure", and what examiner don't like (the "wiggle").

Because Daniel teaches safty driving (and real life driving) it gives you confidence behind the wheel. He also takes his students on a "warm up" run on the day of your test.

On the morning of my road test I did the warm up drive as all his students do. It helps get out the "automatic failures" and the "wiggles". While we waited for the examiner to call we talked about things other than driving. That was nice because it took off the pressure of the impending test. I figured that I've learned everything I need to be a safe and responsible driver. When the examiner came out we went to the car for the start of my road test. I was ready, I had the routes freshly in my head. We pulled out of the parking lot and the examiner took me on a new route! But, because Daniel is such a great teacher it didn't matter which route the examiner took. Needless to say, I passsed my road test on my first try with a perfect score!

I couldn't have done it without Daniel's excellent instruction. Again, thank you Daniel for everything!

Thank you also to your wife for filling in for the waiter on the morning of my test.

Much Aloha,
To Whom It May Concern:

I was a student of A One Driving School in June 2005, and I was pleased with the driving lessons that I received from Daniel Kaimi.

Daniel is a wonderful instructor, who is very friendly, knowledgeable and patient. He is not someone who teaches students just how to pass the road test. He is dedicated to teach them to become safe drivers. He helped me develop the skills and confidence behind the wheel and encouraged me throughout the lessons. With his help, I was able to pass the road test on my first try with a perfect score.

I highly recommend Daniel to those who are looking for good and fun driving lessons.


Thank you so much for your undying patience. You were there when I almost lose my confidence in driving. You were there to give me encouragement, and there to make me see things in a positive way. I learned a lot about driving and other current events while having my lessons with you. You make learning how to drive so much fun. Unlike my mom's driving instructor who doesnt talk to them while driving. Just imagine how boring could that be if I went to him for my driving lessons.

I'm driving almost everyday now. They are so amazed how good I am in my parallel parking.

Thanks alot.

To Young Grasshopper,

Before taking private lessons with Daniel, my driving experience was so limited that I had never been driven on anything besides neighborhood backstreets. Daniel was very patient, enthusiastic about our lessons, and always willing to work around my erratic work schedule, even going as far as to pick me/drop me off up at work.

After about 3 weeks of instruction, I had felt confident enough to try for my road examination. However, due to some paperwork technicalities we discovered that I would not be able to take the road test on the date I had planned with the car I had been practicing on. The trouble with this was that I was leaving on for a vacation the morning after the day I had wanted to take the test and did not want to try and take the test after so much time of not being behind the wheel. I ended borrowing my mother's 4Runner to take the test in the night before. This had made not only my mother nervous, but, Daniel and I also, because I had never really driven her SUV, let alone any SUV, before. The next morning Daniel came to pick me up at about 5:00 AM so I could have some warm up time and get used to the very different vehicle.

Now, I think truest personal testament to Daniel's skill as an instructor that I can offer is that I passed the examination after only an hour or so of time to adjust from a Nissan Sentra to a Toyota 4Runner. Thanks Daniel.

Signed, the once young and now older, but still, not too old Grasshopper

Mike C.
Dear Daniel,

I want to thank you for helping me to obtain the american driving licence. I come from Romania and it was not easy for me to learn how to drive here in Hawai'i. Thanks to your patience and professionality I was able to reach my goal: this week I passed the driving test without any mistake. It was a pleasure to learn from a nice and friendly person like you.

Ana Maria
Hi Daniel,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help with the driving lessons and helping me pass the driving test with confidence. I was nervous of driving in Hawaii especially as I was not used to driving on the right hand side but you made the driving lessons fun and eventually I overcame my fear. Thanks for your understanding and patience, I will always appreciate it.

Kind regards
Tina Quillinan
To all the future drivers,

I had my permit for years and never really had the confidence to get my license. I had taken lessons before with other instructors, but never gained the total confidence for everyday driving.

One day I was surfing the Internet looking for driving tips and came upon Daniel Kaimi's website. The testimonies on A One Driving School sold me. His previous students sounded happy with his services and his great attitude. One testimony almost described my situation.

My test was a couple of weeks away and scheduled for the Dillingham site. I was really worried I wouldn't pass, since this was hardest location of all. I figured Daniel's driving school was worth a try, so I gave Daniel a call to practice for the test.

The next day we already had the first lesson. After perfecting the basics, we practiced the Dillingham course repeatedly till I felt comfortable. On the day of the test, we ran through the course a few times to get rid of my nerves. I felt totally prepared and passed on the first try with a good score.

Daniel is very flexible in scheduling and provides great tips for not only passing the road test, but also for everyday driving. He is patient, easy going, and a wonderful instructor.

I'm grateful for Daniel's assistance and am glad I made the investment. I'm sure there will be much more awesome testimonies about Daniel Kaimi and A One Driving School to come in the future.

Thank you Daniel!
Keep up the great work!
Sincerely, Jana Y.
To Daniel Kaimi,

First of all I would like to say THANK YOU!! for the driving lessons.

I would HIGHLY recommend Daniel's driving school to everyone. He is very patient, kind and also very funny as we were driving.

I had my permit for about a year and a half and absolutely nobody had the time to teach me because mostly everyone in my family had new cars or they were working. Then I came upon Daniel's site and gave it a try.

I emailed him about my situation and he called me right back the next day. He is really awesome to because he worked around my schedule. Going to Daniel's school was worth every penny and i didn't regret it at all. There were some points where i would make the same mistake over and over again and he never gets mad. One of the most calmest people i know.

Daniel lessons depend on how well you drive and i told him i needed my license by this date. I scheduled an appointment at Kapolei and in my FIRST TRY i passed.



Well HELLO, I just want to say how thankful I am for having you as my driving instructor. And I still can't believe that I actually got my licensed. THANKS TO YOU!!!URE THE BESTEST!!!!




To Whom It May Concern:

If one is learning how to drive, they must have an instructor who is patient and kind. Daniel Kaimi is a credible teacher who exudes these qualities. I never thought I would get my license until he installed my enthusiasm and confidence on the road. Daniel's charismatic personality created a positive working environment for the both of us. His effective leadership and communication skills truly put me at ease while driving the vehicle. Daniel was a huge motivator that helped me to become a certified licensed driver.

Daniel is extremely flexible with his schedule and has a genuine concern for his students' performance. He provides his students with consistent support and cooperation. He is easy going and never raises his voice while teaching. His guidance always makes you feel confident and self assured. He is emotionally intelligent and can identify your emotional level while driving. He cares about his students on a personal and professional level and always makes sure you're in the right frame of mind while driving. He empathizes with your driving frustrations and smoothes out your fears of the road.

With his structured lessons, you advance from driving in quiet residential areas to very busy high traffic areas. In these phases, you encounter every possible driving situation that you need to know. A valuable thing he teaches his students is how to carry conversations while concentrating on the road. It is vital skill to learn and it has helped me to comfortably interact with my family in the car without losing my concentration while driving. In addition, he concentrates on parking and he even addresses filling up your gas tank and tires. Along with this, he takes the time to show you what's under the hood so you know about your car in and out! He trains you to know all the aspects of safe driving. Before you take your driving test, he makes absolutely sure that you are confident and consistently incorporate safety while operating your car.

After driving with Daniel, I am able to adapt to different scenarios on the road

He precisely explains instructions and visually demonstrates techniques. Daniel doesn't expect you to know how to handle every situation until he takes you through them. Under his direct leadership, my driving was influenced by his example behavior and detailed explanations. I would rate Daniel as a number one instructor who makes his students feel comfortable and capable in a beneficial environment. With his careful guidance and concern, driving becomes easily mastered. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. Driving with Daniel Kaimi was truly a meaningful experience.

Sincerely, Tiffany Wong
Dear Daniel,

Thank you for helping me achieve a milestone in my life. I never ever thought I would pass the road test and drive confidently.

Over the years, I've been taught by friends and family, only to cause frustration to others and myself. I was first taught by my older brother, who yelled at me after I attempted to make a right turn on red. I made a complete stop and also saw an oncoming car in another lane. I decided to go but my brother told me not to since the lanes merged on the right (which I didn't know because he didn't tell me until I saw it myself once I was able to complete the turn). When I didn't stop quick enough, my brother yelled at me and said, "Stop means stop!!" My brother said I almost got into an accident, which made me really upset and we never went driving again.

I eventually went driving again but couldn't find a single person that was able to devote enough time to teach me. At one point, I was practising on a SUV, Mazda 3 and Toyota Corolla with 3 different people.

The bottom line is that, as students, we are learning how to drive and are prone to mistakes. Family members are going to be nervous about teaching and some people just don't have the patience to be nice. My brother once said to me, "If you do things right, I won't say anything. I'll only say something when you do something wrong." I cried because I just needed to hear that I was doing something right and not a complete idiot. For example, teachers in the classroom encourage students when they improve and get correct answers, so the same principle needs to be applied to students learning how to drive.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a teacher - one who is patient and understanding. I can definately say that you are the best driving instructor!! Thank you, Daniel, for being so patient and such a pleasant person to be around. I can tell that you thoroughly enjoy your job, especially when I passed my road test and I saw that you were happy for me too!

If you need anything, please don't hestitate to ask.

Mahalo, Monica
Hi Mate,

Just wanted to say thanks for helping me obtain my license. I still can't believe I passed, but it's a fact and you helped make it possible in such a short time. You have a lovely manner, and I'm sorry I was a bit of a disbelieving old GIT as we say in the UK.

I'll call you when Steph is ready for her lessons. If not before, have a great time surfing and we'll see you later.

Dear A One Driving School Student,

Hi! If you are in need of a good driving tutor you came to the right place. I am a former student and I was able to get my license on the first try with a perfect score because of Mr. Kaimi. Before I could not stand having to learn from my parents and eventually they could not stand teaching me. Little things would just scare them because I was still learning how to drive. Just the sight of oncoming traffic would make my mom worry when she was not in the driver’s seat. For many people it is very hard to learn how to drive and the situation is quite stressful, but with Mr. Kaimi, he gives you a relaxed environment that lets you learn at your own pace. At first, I was just worried about failing the test, but after each session driving became second nature to me. If you want to quickly learn the basics of driving I recommend learning from him. A driver with Mr. Kaimi’s experience will give you valuable insight to driving and give you a safe and relaxed learning experience.

Nico S.
Dear Daniel,

thank you for you driving lessons, you patience and professionalism, which made me feel comfortable behind the wheel.

I highly recommend Daniel to anyone who needs to practice their driving.

Tatyana R.
Dear Daniel,

Thank you so much for helping me to get my driver’s license! I honestly couldn’t believe I would be able to progress so far in such a short time. Your patience and encouragement really made the difference in my learning how to drive. There were many times I made the same mistake but you were very patient and never gave up on me.

I would highly recommend anyone to take lessons from you. It was well worth the time and money invested in learning to drive safely and properly. Even after I got my license you continued to encourage me to keep driving and build up my confidence behind the wheel. I feel that you are a person who really enjoys helping other people and that is what makes you “The Best”! I am so glad that I chose you to be my driving instructor.

Thank you again for all your help!!

Janet M.
Mr Daniel,

Thank you for teaching me how to drive manual shift. I had fun today. You're a great teacher! Ok have a great evening!

Sent from my iPhone
Hi Daniel,

I would like you to know how happy I am when I got my driving license. You've made a difference in my life.

I'll always remember your "hands on the fence --down to the river", "head turn, headturn", "automatic failure" "scan" lingo. It made me recall all the things you have taught me in a nutshell:defensive driving.

You're one of a kind driving instructor and simply the best.

Hey Mr. Daniels!!!

Its me Ken, just wanted to thank you for teaching me everything, from car functions, safety hazards and just being down to earth. If I had not taken these lessons, I probably would have been dead, just to be honest ha ha, To learn how to drive safely is way better than breathing through a tube any day. Thank you for being patient, cheerful and flexible. I recommend anybody or everyone! to take your lessons.

Now I can proudly say I am capable of driving. Having your license is one thing but having your license and not know how to drive safely is the worse combination. Thank you Mr. Daniels for teaching me to drive and helping me get licensed in the process. Mr. Daniels is THE best teacher. Take it from me, because I'm another life he saved. Anyways Catch you later Mr. Daniels!


Thank you for the opportunity to have you as my driving instructor. You were the perfect instructor- you made me feel comfortable but you were also quick to point out the little things I needed to work on. You were very professional yet made it so much fun to learn. Congratulations on a job well done. I'll highly recommend you to others. I couldn't have done it without you great patience and encouragement. Please thank your wife as well for sleeping out so I could be first in line for my driver test.

Aloha & Mahalo,
Hi Daniel,

Thank you for being such a terrific and patient instructor. Having not driven for 17 years since my retirement, it felt like I had to relearn my driving skills all over again and get rid of my bad habits. Your instructions taught me the easiest way to park and reminded me of the safety rules that have slipped my mind in all those years I stopped driving. I will gladly recommend you to anyone who needs driving lessons. Thanks to you I am now more confident in driving

Hey Daniel!

It's Emmanuelle. I know it's been about a year since we've last spoken when I didn't pass my second time around. It was just very difficult to balance the stress of passing the test with school as well. Nevertheless, I continued practicing over the past year and actually got used to driving my van around. So I just wanted to let you know that I was able to pass my road test at Koolau yesterday with my van. I made a few minor mistakes, but I was able to prevail with all those lessons in the back of my mind. In short, I would simply like to express my gratitude for your patience and efforts spent in teaching me to drive. My entire family was ecstatic and proud of my accomplishment. Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Emmanuelle
Daniel Kaimi is a great driving instructor! So patient even though I hopped the curb so many times in my first sessions. Daniel made me so comfortable that it was easy to learn. Daniel always picked me up on time and I always got my full time during lessons. I was so nervous as I waited for my driving test but Daniel guided me through the check in and kept me company till the examiner came out. I was so happy when I passed! Thank you Daniel for such a wonderful experience!

I highly recommend calling Daniel if you want a caring, patient teacher who will not yell or rush you and doesn't make you feel dumb when you hop the curb lol.

Daniel you are the Best!
Kristy K
Dear Daniel,

Thank you for taking me out on my first couple of driving lessons. I greatly appreciate it.

Unfortunately, I will have to cancel my lesson scheduled for Saturday, February 1st at noon. My husband and I were going over our finances and we won't be able to afford more lessons.

You were an excellent teacher. Very friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend you to others who may be looking for a driving instructor.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Sincerely, Arbine
Hi Daniel,

It's been a year and I'm sorry for my late post. I got my license April of 2013 (a year ago) at Koolau Driving Test. I would like to declare that Daniel is a wonderful and awesome driving instructor and a good friend. As of up-to-date I have no vehicle accidents. Daniel's teaching not only helped me acquired my Driving skills but he has also helped me believe in myself.

A big Mahalo Daniel. Thank you and God Bless :)

Donabel G.
Dear Kaimi,

Thank you so much for your patience and wisdom over the past two summers and other breaks. I wouldn't have the skills I have today without you. I'm grateful to God for being able to be your student. You've definitely helped my driving and also helped bring my focus back to Jesus during some tough patches. Thank you for filing my schedule with something very productive...those driving lessons added important structure to my summers and helped me seek God more. I hope you have an awesome rest of the year and continue to train future drivers for years to come.

D Kimoto
A One Driving School should be renamed A One Driving Gung Fu School. Sifu Daniel Kaimi's Drill Sargent teaching technique gets the job done PERFECTLY.

As a driver who lost its liscense in August 2013 to a DUI and did not touch a steering wheel since, I was like a first timer getting behind the wheel of the training vehicle. Driving 25 MPH felt like I was speeding.

Starting on Nov. 3, 2016, I began my retraining. Three 2 hour sessions under Daniel's tuteledge and 3+ years of no driving was erased and replaced with Black Belt level Self-Defensive Driving Skills that literally save lives. I took the road test on Nov. 16, 2016 and when I parked the car at the end of it the examiner simply said, "You Pass".

If a DUI took your liscense and you are eligible to get it back and you need it, do your self the biggest favor you will ever do for yourself and call A ONE DRIVING SCHOOL'S Daniel Kaimi. It's worth every cent x's 4 ever!

Mahalo nui loa Daniel. ALOHA KAUA BROTHER KAIMI!

David P.
I would highly recommend Daniel Kaimi as a driving instructor. He taught my son how to drive and really listened to our needs. Our goal was for our son to be a safe and confident driver, not just to get his license. Daniel has a methodical approach that really appealed to my son and helped him understand the mechanics of driving. He was very patient, encouraging, and proceeded at a step by step pace that met my son's needs. Daniel really took the time to make my son feel comfortable not only driving, but just in how he interacted with him in such a positive way. He also generously celebrated my son getting his license by giving him some great and practical gifts. Daniel has also been available for refresher courses as needed. We feel so blessed that we were able to find and have Daniel as a driving instructor.

Thank you so much Daniel!
Linda K
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